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Pattern "Floral_Wilderness_NC.nativeflowers" was specially created for the LainSnow Brand and Spoonflower contest. 

Original elements of the pattern Floral_Wilderness_NC.nativeflowers

This print was inspired by the fauna of the state of North Carolina (USA). The research of wild flowers present in the forest and the vegetation around it was the basis for the creative process. All elements were painted with watercolor.

1500 prints participated of the LainSnow and Spoonflower Design Challenge. The NT Studio print was in 87th place!!

Floral Pattern textile design, watercolorpattern, print textile design
Spring Summer 23/24 Print design
Etnic Tropic Forest pattern creative process

"Ethnic Tropic Forest" is a pattern developed for the NT Studio and was hand drawn with markers, scanned, and digitally designed with the best image programs. This beautiful print is available in Santaconstancia's Spring Summer 23 collection.

Spring Summer 23/24 Print textile design
tropical pattern mockup
Mockup: Freepick
Mockup: Freepick
exclusiv pattern Cubist-Racket for Trilha Verão sportwear brand. Trilha Verão .jpg
Cubist-Racket Trilha Verão pattern

Exclusive print created with watercolor technique for the Summer 2019/2020 collection of the Brazilian brand of Activewear Trilha Verão.

"To develop the elements, I used as inspiration the art references of Sonya Delaunay and Ivan Serpa. Then, looking at my mood board, I decided to sketch some ideas connecting cubism and some shapes of tennis. After that, I used the watercolor technique to apply painting effects. My challenge was to give an artistic feeling to a sport pattern"

Description of the creative process of the print by Natascha Horvath
Designing the "Cubist-Racket" pattern
Cubist-Racket print textil design activewear
Trilha Verão activewear brasilian brand.jpg
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