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NT Studio was created and conceived by Natascha Horvath, a Brazilian woman who grew up close to the world’s biggest urban forest, the so-called Serra da Cantareira in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. Drawing, painting and handcrafting have always been her passion. She spent hours drawing in the chalet built by her Hungarian grandfather in Serra da Cantareira.


Natascha has a degree in Fashion Design from the University of São Paulo. For eight years she worked in a large and well-known company of fabrics, knits and patterns in Brazil where she had the opportunity to undertake several works with Costanza Pascolato – a businesswoman and fashion consultant, named to be one the most influential names in Brazil’s fashion scene.


After working in the fashion industry, Natascha decided to break new ground and follow her dreams. In 2019, she moved to Germany and during the pandemic, she started creating her first artwork and original prints. It was from this authentic experience that NT Studio was born.


Stuttgart - Germany

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