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painting "Maranta Variegada" artwork
Illustration Series "Fractal Nature"
NT Studio Collection Print creative process
NT Studio pattern development and Mockup

NT Studio is an art, illustration, and pattern design studio where the creative processes of art and print textile design merge and relate to each other. The essence here is to create by respecting the time things take:

the time of people, handmade work, ideas, and nature.

Through the mix of multicultural experiences, everyday life, and connection with nature, NT Studio is inspired and designs with meaning and purpose. We believe that making with hands means creating with the heart, so all elements are hand-drawn and painted.

The NT Studio uses the best technology in the process of developing prints and illustrations. We treat each art with meticulous technical and aesthetic quality because we believe care and dedication guarantee longevity and enchantment.

Fractal Floral C003 distrib.jpg

   Collection of hand-painted prints that is updated monthly.

Capsule pattern collections:   


Exclusive print development:   


Development of one or more prints based on a briefing.

*for Companies.

This service is for you who want exclusive art   for your home or yourself. 


exclusive wallpaper design, nature illustration for wallpaper, watercolor design for home

Exclusive project

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